Sunday, December 24, 2006

Better equipment = better pics?

It's the indian not the pana.
In plain english, it translates to: It's the indian, not the bow and arrow.
Or, it's the photographer that matters, not the camera being used.

Look at the two photographs. Which is better or more appealing?

The first photograph is taken with a better equipment while the second one was taken using a point and shoot camera.

Some things you lack in skill, you compensate with technology.

* Shaky hands? there's Image Stabilizer.

* Difficulty telling if the subject is in focus?
Auto focus and focus assist beam.

* Better and faster focus ability.

* Better low light ability.

* Lesser incidents of red eye.

* Lower noise levels.

Better equipment is simply better.

A point and shoot in the hands of an able photographer will yield better than pro equipment in the hands of an amateur.

But if a point and shoot camera and an SLR is used by the same person (or same skill level), the pro equipment will definitely produce instantly better results.

In conclusion, the equipment is definitely a factor.
It will not help you on the art side of photography (composition), but will definitely help on the technical side (sharpness, exposure etc). Gear Matters!

"It IS the pana."

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