Sunday, March 4, 2007

Amazing Nikonians

Nikon users are a very passionate group. They are extremely loyal to the brand.

When I visit brand independent photography forums, you can immediately see their fanaticism. They have the Nikon logo in their avatars.

They would try to convince you that the Nikon brand is the way to go. They'll immediately pounce on newbies asking for opinion and will almost try to convince them that the Nikon D40, which doesn't even autofocus the nifty fifty lens, is better than a Canon 5D (well at least the Canon 400D).

They always say that the Nikon images are better straight out of the camera. I have yet to see this proven. All side by side image comparisons I've seen have so subtle difference.

They project the Nikon as "the other" brand which appeals to the underdog lovers.

They project it as the "darkside" which appeals to the villain lovers.

They project it as the more popular camera as it is used at movies and TV shows such as CSI and spiderman.

They even have a slogan that goes like "Canon is for gearheads and Nikon is for the photographers".

Nikonians will convince you that CCD is better than CMOS based sensor. Nikon D40 uses CCD sensors. They didn't realize that the high end Nikon camera (D300) uses CMOS sensor! Doh!
"The 35mm "Full-Frame" vs. DX size digital sensor controversy is caused by a general lack of "digital sensor" knowledge on the part of many users, and strong marketing propaganda on the part of some sellers"
Called users stupid and indicating the technology as marketing propaganda! Nikon After a few months released the Nikon D3. A full frame Camera. Doh!

They are so vocal that I sometimes doubt my gear and thought of switching brands. But until I have proven that it really does produce better image, I'll stick with what I have.

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Minh said...

I have a couple of friends who own Nikons and they are exactly as you described. One got so angry that I use a Canon he's had to control himself from yelling at me.

If anything, not till the recent invent of the D300, D700...etc has Nikon been able to produce good image quality. They had to create 25000 ISO and out due Canon because for the longest time their ISO noise was so horrible it was unusable pass ISO 600.

With that said, I would never convince a newbie to get a Canon because I have a canon. I think its based on what feels comfortable in your hand, which brand offers the lenses you want, and do they have the right camera in the right price range?

Camera and lenses are the tools, but the end result is the photographer holding the Nikon or Canon...or Hasselblad/Leaf (i wish).