Monday, September 24, 2007

EOS 40D Launch

We went to the local launching of the Canon EOS40D. Nice singing group who performed. Nice models for the photo session. There was even a couple of strobes with umbrella on each of the model's setup. As compared to the 400D launch last year, there were more people who brought their cameras along. It was difficult to get a good shot. There were dozens contending for the model's attention. Having a puny camera and lens didn't help my cause.

I won a jacket on the trivia session. Nice embroidery at the front. Big print at the back which is wispy, making it look cheaply done. The back print pull down the coolness factor of the jacket by 10 notches. Ouch!

I also got a shirt which is cool though. It has a print that says "I like to shoot people... with my EOS".

Shoot setup:
Ambient light, nifty fifty lens and ISO 1600.

Shoot setup:
Strobe, Kit lens, ISO 100.

Gold Diggin'

Look what we've found along with the heaps of junk around the house ...

A flash. Now I have extra light for my strobist setup. :)

Now if I only know what those numbers mean. :D

A point and shoot film camera with hotshoe.

Shoot setup:
Flash on camera right. Shooting through tracing paper.
White felt paper as reflector on camera left.
Felt paper background.

Monday, September 17, 2007

430ex flash manual settings

I'm trying to figure out how to use the flash in manual for some lighting tricks.

430EX does not go down lower than 1/64 on manual. 50mm, F1.8 @ ISO1600

But it goes lower than 1/64 power when on ETTL mode. 50mm, F1.8 @ ISO1600