Monday, October 22, 2007

Ambient Light Shooting

I love shooting with natural lighting. :)

1/60, F3.5 at ISO800
Hand held
Light coming from the spotlight on the floor.

Model and Mug

My new favorite model.
Depth, colors, catchlights in the eye. This is a very good learning tool.

1/125, F8, ISO100
Shot inside a DIY mini studio
Felt paper background
Flash triggered remotely cam left
White paper as reflector on cam left

Canon 10th year anniversary mug. I won this during the raffle at the Canon Photomarathon.
Where's the red ring? :D

1/125, F8, ISO100
Shot inside a DIY mini studio
Felt paper background
Flash triggered remotely cam right
White paper as reflector on cam left

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Canon Photomarathon

It was a tiring day but fun. About 350 photographers scattered around the Makati business district in the Philippines trying to catch a moment, painted in our imagination, trying to depict the themed assignments given to us.

Even though we have a permit to shoot at the vicinity, we were still harassed by the guards while trying to get some photographs.

A note to the guards and enforcers: A camera is not a threat to national security. Publicly visible cameras are a proven deterrent to crime. However, public safety can be threatened when security personnel harass photographers instead of doing their jobs. (quote by: Curtis N)

Sky scrapers and gadgets

Gimik, hangout and coffee

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nikon and Nikon Fanboys

Nikon Zealots: Get the nikon D50 instead of the canon 350D, "It feels better in your hands cause it's bigger."
Nikon: (came out with the D40 which is about the same size as the Canon 400D i.e. small!)

Nikon Zealots: You don't need more megapixels, it will only introduce noise (D40 is only 6MP)
Nikon: (came out with the D40X which is 10MP!)

Nikon Zealots: You don't need full frame digital camera.
Nikon: (came out with with the D3 which is full frame!)

So the next time these guys tries to justify a lack of feature, you know that it simply means the brand lacks the feature.

Gear Lust

Beware of gear lust! When I get hooked into something, I always strive to be better than average. I always put in extra effort. And if it's not enough to be better, I compensate with better gear.

Unfortunately, extra gear means money. And right now, I'm tight on budget. I couldn't sleep knowing the fact that I need extra money to get better lens for my dSLR. I'm not even thinking of the brand name pro grade lens, I'm just looking at the 3rd party alternatives.

Everytime I pass by the camera shops, I just drool over the lenses on display.

So if you're not ready to throw down at least a hundred thousand pesos on gear, don't buy a dSLR. Because, you'll surely want that upgrade.

Must resist!