Monday, October 1, 2007

Nikon and Nikon Fanboys

Nikon Zealots: Get the nikon D50 instead of the canon 350D, "It feels better in your hands cause it's bigger."
Nikon: (came out with the D40 which is about the same size as the Canon 400D i.e. small!)

Nikon Zealots: You don't need more megapixels, it will only introduce noise (D40 is only 6MP)
Nikon: (came out with the D40X which is 10MP!)

Nikon Zealots: You don't need full frame digital camera.
Nikon: (came out with with the D3 which is full frame!)

So the next time these guys tries to justify a lack of feature, you know that it simply means the brand lacks the feature.

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