Monday, February 5, 2007

dSLR head to head @ Photoworld 2007

We went to the photoworld 2007 exhibit and tried out different cameras on the same entry level price/spec range.

I've tested them both in ambient light and with the use of built in flash. Most test is at ISO1600 as this is the setting I'll use the most as I shoot indoor events most of the time. I wasn't able to try out the Sony alpha since the units on display are running low on battery.

Canon 350d performed well.

Nikon perfromed well but this is the D80 and not the D40 starter system. I was surprised that this uses an SD card instead of a CF card memory. I thought CF was a standard for big guns (dSLR).

Pentax K100 performed well. I was surprised as there little talk about this gadget. It churned out good images. This uses an SD card as well. So maybe CF is not standard after all.

Olympus E500 is the noisiest.
After using my Ridata CF card with this one, it gave a CF card error when inserted back to a Canon camera. So this was the last shot for the day using that CF card.

The verdict: For my type of shooting, Canon it is. Pentax is a performer but not much talk going around the forums.

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