Monday, February 15, 2010


It's been quite a while since I last shot photographs out in an open park. Unfortunately an intrusive pro photographer disrupted my rhythm and mood in shooting and learning. He kept yelling at me to shoot with the flash set at manual. But it is already at manual. I just ignored the guy and finally he approached me. So I told him that the flash is in manual mode. Now he wants me to shoot with the flash set at full power. At that point I decided to stop shooting and pack up. I'm not going to learn anything from that guy. He just assumes things without any basis. He literally blocked my view. He wants me to set the flash to a specific setting without knowing what my shutter speed, apperture, ISO and seemingly don't care about the flash distance. He didn't even see what the test shot's exposure and histogram looks like.

I've learned a lot from random photogs suggesting things, but the others explain the "why" and not just shove a parameter down my neck like this guy did. Like I always say, ability to do is not always equal to ability to teach. I hope the next random photog, eager to teach, I encounter will be the type who explains things and not the pushy, shove it down your throat type of guy. Yes I'm willing to learn more, but not from the pushy, "just do what I say, I'm a pro" types. Knowing why is a lot different from (and more important than just) knowing how.

BTW, he kept saying the the photo will be underexposed. I actually brought down the exposure of the photo above by almost 2 stops since it was way overexposed.

Happy shooting. Maybe next time for me. :)

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