Sunday, January 3, 2010


Lessons learned:

. It's difficult to shoot with just 1 camera body.
1 fitted with long lens, 1 with standard lens.

. It's difficult to shoot with just one photographer. You can't cover different angles and views.

. It's difficult to shoot without an assistant.
To download images to laptop. To hold the off camera light. To Look after and carry the equipment.

. The more you shoot, the more difficult it is to weed out gold from pyrite.
There is "TOO MUCH" shooting. You shoot shoot enough to avoid "blinker" issues but shoot too much and you'll have trimming down the photo count issues.

. Don't forget your candies, water bottle and cookies.
You need to need to stay hydrated and not starving, otherwise your hands will shake, you'll lose focus and concentration.

. Eat fast.
You need to be there when action starts to happen. You should always be caught holding the camera, not the spoon and fork.

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